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Annual Report 2023

On Tuesday, June 13th, 2023 we held our Annual General Meeting at the Chateauguay Legion, Branch 108 at 39 rue Gilmour.


Although MWCN has been in operation since 1999 our 1st Annual General Meeting was in 2004, the year we received our Charter. . The MWCN’s 21st Annual General Meeting was held on Tuesday, June 13th from 4-7 at the Chateauguay Legion Branch 108.  We are so thankful for this partnership which we have developed and in which it offers opportunities to support each other. 

There were 60 members present to hear the reports from our coordinators in Pincourt, Huntingdon, Hemmingford, Chateauguay and Candiac.  There was also the report from our Employability Coordinator who works in the entire region of the Montérégie West which includes a territory of over 100,000 English-speakers. Of course the Accountant, Jonathan Dionne, from the accounting firm of Brodeur & Letourneau also presented our well balanced  financial statement for deposit.

We want to thank the Board Members who served from 2021-2022 and 2022-2023, Merlin Halliday and Frank Cholette who have decided to step down at this time.  Your implication in the work of supporting the MWCN and the increased responsibilities that growth requires has been very valuable.  We know that we will be working together in another capacity that will also be very important to sustaining our organization.  Thank You!

Now it gives me great pleasure to introduce the new members of the board.  Some have 1 more year to complete, and the newly elected members come in for a 2-year mandate. We stagger the numbers to ensure continuity.

Brunette, Lise – President (Roussillon)

Bustamante, Laura -Director (Beauharnois / Salaberry)

Comeau, Sherry – Director (Vaudreuil-Soulanges)

Davies, Marlene – Director (Roussillon)

Galloway, Carolyn – Director (Vaudreuil-Soulanges)

Halliday, Chuck – Secretary (ex officio) (Roussillon)

Hoas, Maureen – Director (Roussillon)

Khatchadourian, Lucy – Director (Vaudreuil-Soulanges)

McClintock, Jayme – Director (Haut St-Laurent)

Nair, Harikrishnan – Director (Roussillon)

Parker, Susan – Director (Roussillon)

Wilkens, Tracy – Director (Roussillon)

MWCN - AGM Report 2023 - with finance.png

Congratulations to all and I look forward to working with you as we continue to embrace the many challenges that are coming our way to improve the quality of life of the English-speaking community. We want to ensure that our presence and our support at the different tables will represent each member adequately.  Thank you for your trust and confidence.

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