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Bright Beginnings/ HEY

The Bright Beginnings Program was made to support English-Speaking youth and families in Quebec.
Bright beginnings is focused on the 0-17 age range.
HEY, also known as Healthy Early Years, focuses on the 0-6 age range, and helps to increase the knowledge of early development.

Early Learning Program:

This program is run by our Bright Beginnings Coordinator, Elizabeth Tiplady, who implements an educational based program for children aged 3-5 years old. Students will be introduced to different languages, letter recognition, work on fine and gross motor skills, and participant in special events held throughout the year.
The program runs from September-June each year, with parents having the choice to send their children 3 days or 5 days a week.
For more information, please contact us by email at or call us at 450-691-1444

Transition Program:

Working closely with our local school boards, we have developed a program that supports parents/professionals working with youth. Conferences are held on various subjects relating to early childhood development.

Book Worm Club:

In partnership with the little Green Library and the Family Resource Center of Haut- Saint -Laurent, the Book Work Club is a literacy activity that involves the parents as well as youth. This is a good time to encourage a space where the parent/child can enjoy an activity as a family. The groups meet once a week to listen to stories that helps the child’s awareness of language, social and emotional skills.

Little Adventures Group:

In partnership with Une Affaire de Famille and Village Church we hold a weekly Little Adventures Group.
This group is targeted for young families to get together to increase the socialization, and exploration in the youth.

Supporting English-Speaking Community

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