Montérégie Retreat   -    MWCN-ARC-MEPEC
20211013_73Retreat CHSSN RDN ARC MEPEC MWCN Ile St-Bernard Manoir D'Youville.jpg

October 13th, 2021 The Montérégie West Community Network, (MWCN) hosted their first Montérégie Retreat which included The Assistance and Referral Service (ARC) in the Montérégie Center and Montérégie East Partnership for the English-speaking Community (MEPEC) in the East. Three years ago MWCN and MEPEC did not exist and ARC was struggling. Now together we have 24 employees working in the community supporting community members and partners. This all began through the support of the Community Health and Social Services Network (CHSSN) who have 25 similar organizations throughout the province of Quebec.

In addition to the Health Canada and Canadian Heritage Support, we now have funding from the Sécretariat aux relations avec les Québecois d’expression anglaise.

Now the Montérégie is reaching out and has become a visible support network throughout and continually represented on strategic tables that support English-speakers. Thank you to all those who have recognized the needs of the English-speaking community in the Montérégie as a vital part of the community and portrait of Quebec of whom many have been instrumental in shaping the Quebec we know today.